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Back-to-school shoppers in Saskatchewan facing inflation prices

By Amanda Caroline  •  August 20, 2022  •  50

Triwer – Back to school shoppers are out in force as September draws closer, but they are met with some harsh costs.

According to Josh Ning, general manager of the Regina Staples on Albert Street, "It's very even across the board for products that have increased in price owing to supply and logistic problems."

The cost of most ordinary things, including school supplies, has soared due to inflation.

For her two daughters who attend Ruth M. Buck Elementary school, Dana Owens was shopping at Staples. She has observed that everything this year, from supplies to back-to-school clothing, seems to be more expensive.

"Right now, it's difficult to even estimate a budget for back-to-school supplies. Fortunately, they both have a few cousins who they can pass down clothes to, which is helpful, said the mother of two children.

Ning claimed that the retail chain's supply chain has also presented difficulties. There are still a few goods that haven't hit the shelves, even though Staples started earlier than normal, sourcing their vendors to get all the back-to-school product they needed.

Customers can donate to the Staples School Supply Drive, which helps provide students with the back-to-school goods they require, through September 11 thanks to a partnership between Staples and United Way.

Families worry about more than just the back-to-school season.

New students who are set to enter kindergarten will ride a bus. The Regina Catholic and Public schools organized a ride-along event to provide new bus riders an opportunity to experience the experience before the start of the school year.

With her daughter Finley, who is 5 years old, Taylor Peters attended the occasion.

She won't have experienced riding a bus before. Just to make sure she's at ease on her first day, we're here. Just wanted to check it out before her first day of school since she'll be boarding the bus from daycare," said Peters.

During the 5th annual "First Ride" event, the kids were also treated to demonstrations on crossing and cycling safety.