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Dr. Dre Reflects On Near-Death Experience After Suffering Brain Aneurysm

By Amanda Caroline  •  August 20, 2022  •  49

Triwer – When Dr. Dre experienced a brain aneurysm in January 2021, he nearly passed away. The hip-hop entrepreneur stated in a recent interview with Dolvett Quince that physicians had predicted his death.

According to the 57-year-old, "I was at Cedar Sinai Hospital and they weren't allowing anybody to come up, meaning guests or relatives or anything like that because of COVID." "However, they let my family in. Later, I learned that they had phoned them because they believed I had left the country so they could bid me farewell."

He said, "I didn't know it was that serious. "My mom, my sister, and everyone else are entering the room, and I can see them. Nobody informed me. I was clueless. That was absurd. I've spent the last two weeks in the ICU. They had to wake me up for these tests every hour on the hour for two weeks due to what was going on with my head. Essentially resembling sobriety tests Rub your heel against your leg, touch your nose, and other such nonsense. I had to get up and do that once every hour for the next two weeks."

Then Dr. Dre revealed, "Never once did I feel like I was in peril. I thought, "OK, I'm just going through the motions." I'm eager to get home." Fortunately, he made a full recovery and visited the studio the next day after being released from the hospital.

A picture of Dr. Dre flanked by engineers and producers in front of the mixing console was posted on Instagram by fellow music producer Focus... to announce Dr. Dre's comeback. It included this caption: "My big brother is excellent! We're working; I took the picture, which is why I'm here."

Dr. Dre was the featured performer at the Pepsi Super Bowl LVI halftime performance in February at the SoFi stadium in Inglewood. Along with him, he performed "Lose Yourself" with Eminem, Snoop Dogg, Mary J. Blige, Kendrick Lamar, 50 Cent, and Anderson.Paak on the drums.