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Elon Musk's "Free The Nip" satirizes his unflattering topless photos

By Amanda Caroline  •  July 20, 2022  •  143

Triwer.io – Elon Musk doesn't care if people make fun of his skinny build. The SpaceX inventor made fun of himself by urging everyone to "release the nip" after his ugly topless images from his Mykonos, Greece vacation were shared on social media.

The Tesla CEO made a joking remark on July 19 after a fan called him out for tweeting, "I've got my money behind this guy, f**k yea. @elonmusk There are so many other wise investors." He replied, "Haha damn, maybe I should take off my shirt more often... free the nip!!" before joking that he's "already back in the factory" in the midst of his legal dispute with Twitter. He had backed out of his agreement to pay $44 million to acquire the microblogging site because Twitter wouldn't share information about bots on its platform.

He was even compared by one person to a nude, white bulldog. The 51-year-old billionaire responded to the bodyshaming post with the amusing message, "My calves are bigger tho," rather than feeling personally attacked.

Elon Musk responded to Twitter trolls who made fun of his nude images with a humorous retort.

Elon was seen having a good time on an opulent yacht in Mykonos on July 15 with his bikini-clad friend Sarah Staudinger. The richest guy in the world was seen having a good time with Sarah, who recently got married to Endeavour CEO Ari Emanuel.

Elon was pictured in a plain white T-shirt, black bathing shorts, and a vintage pair of aviators to protect his eyes before pulling off his shirt, dipping in the water, and sipping champagne.

Less than a week had passed since news of Elon and Natasha Bassett's breakup surfaced. According to reports, the Australian actress ended their romance after the millionaire admitted that he had fathered twins with a different lady in secret.

According to a source, Natasha has learned a lot from Elon and is appreciative of their time together because it was both special and bizarre. Natasha supposedly "hopes that they can still be friends" despite the breakup.

The insider added that Natasha made the decision to concentrate more on her job. After the debut of Baz Luhrmann's "Elvis" biopic, in which she played The King's high school girlfriend Dixie Locke, her career has taken off.