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Louise Redknapp Cries '10 Times A Day' As Son Charles Moves To Arizona

By Amanda Caroline  •  August 20, 2022  •  42

Triwer – After her son Charles William Redknapp left for college, Louise Redknapp opened up about how she feels. The 47-year-old actress claimed in a recent interview that she had been "weeping ten times a day" ever since her son decided to relocate to Arizona.

The actress acknowledged that although while she is happy for her son Charlie, 18, who moved to the United States to pursue college, she finds it difficult to adjust to his distance. She said to Metro "I can't stop weeping. At the present, I cry around ten times every day. If someone is kind to me, I'll start crying and say, "Sorry, it's just my son's going to university." Everyone who has had children leave for college says that it is common. God, I'm going to miss him even though I'm so proud of him."

Louise acknowledged that she even pondered relocating to the United States to be closer to Charlie but decided against it because she did not want to upend the lives of her second son Beau, 13, who is 13. She stated: "Although I have Beau, I would still do it. Beau's life is still very much here, and since he is just 13 years old, I would never leave him or take him away to live in another country. Beau has school, football, and, obviously, his father here. On certain days, I feel that it would be wonderful to travel abroad and have a bit of a fresh start, but I'm also unsure of what I'd do for work."

Charlie and Beau are shared by Louise and her ex-husband Jamie Redknapp, with whom she divorced in 2017 after 19 years of marriage. Louise recently disclosed that she had put off dating in order to safeguard the boys. Louise stated that Jamie, 49, wed Frida Andersson, 38, in October 2021, and the couple welcomed their son Raphael in November "In the most kind of respectful way, I can say that I have experienced this as a mother. My boys' lives underwent a significant change before changing once more when Jamie got married and started a family. I felt that I needed to be their one constant because their life had altered. Simply said, I imagine many mothers would feel that way."