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'Sexist' Influencer Andrew Tate Banned From Facebook And Instagram

By Amanda Caroline  •  August 20, 2022  •  52

Triwer – Andrew Tate, a controversial influencer who self-identifies as misogynistic, has been the target of action by Meta. The organization has reportedly barred him from Facebook, Instagram, and Meta sites.

The former kickboxer and reality TV personality was fired for breaking Meta policy "on harmful organizations and individuals," according to an email released by Meta on Friday, August 19.

Tate became well-known in 2016. He was fired from the reality television program "Big Brother" at the time due to an online video showing him assaulting a woman. Tate has continued to face criticism because of his divisive social media statements.

He stated in a tweet from 2017 that rape victims "carry blame" for their attack and that women belong in the house. He was permanently banned from Twitter as a result of the post. Tate reportedly referred to himself with pride in one of his YouTube videos as a "extreme mysogynist." I'm a realist, and when you're a realism, you're sexist, he said. You cannot be grounded in reality and not be sexist.

Tate asserted that many of his videos were parodies in a statement to The Guardian, adding that he was "playing a humorous persona." When nothing could be further from the truth, he claimed, "Internet sensationalism has promoted the idea that I'm [sic] anti-women. I really am innocent.

Tate has also been banned from other social media sites than Instagram and Twitter. He has also had his official account on TikTok blocked, and the company is working to get rid of any anything about him that is against the rules. Tate, a vocal admirer of Donald Trump, was described by a TikTok official as having "misogyny is a nasty philosophy that is not accepted on TikTok." "We've been taking down offensive videos and accounts for weeks, so it's encouraging to hear that other platforms are also taking action against this person."