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Wendy Williams Repeatedly Forgets Her Show Is Canceled Amid Mental Health Struggles

By Amanda Caroline  •  August 18, 2022  •  51

Triwer – There have been further revelations regarding "The Wendy Williams Show's" last episodes. The producers of the program claim that Wendy Williams frequently overlooked the fact that her show had been cancelled.

Ira Bernstein and Mort Marcus, co-presidents of production distributor Debmar-Mercury, spoke about the situation in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter published on Wednesday, August 17. The producers admitted that they spoke with Wendy several times during her unexpected and protracted absence during the show's 13th season. They stated that despite having made the show's demise public in February due to her departure, they still had to repeatedly notify her that it was ending.

"We hadn't heard from you, so we had to make a choice, I added. We put off making one until January or February when we should have done so, and at that point, it was "Make a decision or lose the time period,"" Ira recalls, adding that Wendy seemed perplexed about the discontinuation of the show.

"Well, what's going to air at ten o'clock, [Wendy] asked. "Sherri's going to air at 10 o'clock," I informed her. After that, [Wendy] responded, "So, can I go on at 11?" We'd love to work with you, and there are many of ways and purchasers, but you need to return so that we can make sure everything is okay." Ira carried on. "You can't just phone and say, "I'm ready," after nine months."

When Wendy stopped showing up for work for a year, they eventually "said, 'Wendy, we need to have a diagnosis from a doctor, whether it's the TV stations, a network, or a new producer, wants to know that you're okay.'" According to him, "[Without that confidence], no one will risk money or finance things," he added to the source.

The site was also informed by a source that a Zoom meeting for 50 program staff members scheduled for September 2021 had to be shortened after three minutes due to concerns that Wendy was "beginning not to be coherent" at the time. Employees would "discover bottles [of booze] up in the ceiling tiles and other bizarre places in the office," the so-called insider further claimed.

A Wendy's spokesman provided THR with a response shortly after the piece was published. It's no secret that Wendy has struggled with addiction over the years, but Shawn Zanotti stated that at the moment Wendy is on the road to recovery and healing herself from her chronic illnesses and her prior grievances. We are aware that Wendy has a history of chronic disease because of her public statements.

Since Wendy's daytime show ended on June 17 and was replaced by Sherri Shepherd's show "Sherri," there have been questions about both her mental and physical health. Fans are worried about her health as a result of her bizarre marriage claim, "Jekyll and Hyde" demeanor, and dreadfully pale and confused appearance.